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Egyptian cotton


egiptian cotton giza 45

The Egyptian cotton is one of the most renowned in world.
Cotton originating from the Egyptian crops, along Nile River's banks, makes extremely fine yarns; soft, fine and breathable, but at the same time very strong and durable.

The most relevant feature of Egyptian cotton is a very long fiber that allows the production of refined yarns and fabrics.
The Egyptian cotton is known as Giza; a number identifies the several qualities.

The Giza 45, as with Giza 70, Giza 88 and Giza 92, belong at the so-called "extra long staple" kinds, while Giza 86, Giza 80 and Giza 90 belong to the "long staple" kinds.
The Egyptian Cotton, facilitated by the peuliar hot and dry climatic environment, is the best cotton in world.

The Nile's River delta area is where the microclimate is more according, and which extra long staple GIZA kinds are farmed.
Quality of Giza 45 cotton is highest, and allow to produce exceptional and unmatched yarns.

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