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  • Emilcotoni

    Research and international experience blend together to weave the future.

  • Emilcotoni S.p.A. was born in Piacenza from TFT, a dyehouse specialised in cotton dyeing. During the 80's and 90's it grows focusing on creating, producing and selling cotton yarns. During the past years, thanks to the continous research of the best raw materials, Emilcotoni built an outstanding collection of high quality yarns stock service supported in various articles.

  • Investing in technology advanced machinery that guarantees an excellent quality, today Emilcotoni is able to offer to his customers worldwide the best cotton yarns available in no time. Emilcotoni, working fast and simply in difficult world, has become  a constant for all his customers doing high end cotton products.

    We use the best egiptian cotton in the world.